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The school Council have met this morning;


Feedback from Dolce samples at parents evening- 

the pizza and flapjack on the Monday evening  was a hit with children and parents.

the quiche and sponge on Tuesdays didn't go down as well.

Small Steps Uniform Bank-

there is now a bin in the main corridor for plain unifroms;


tee shirts





pe kits 

(no school emblem on)

which the council are going to decorate and make more attractive..

Recycling Bin are now in place with more to be purchased for the foundation stage.

Fruity Friiday 

playtime 10.30-1045




School council met yesterday   21.03.19

They met with Dolce on Tuesday lunch to discuss feed back from survey monkey.

Thank you to all parents that completed the survey.

The children along with the school council Governor Mr Garrick and staff had a taster of the lunches and gave their feed back to Dolce they also gave information on what children had said when they went to their classes prior to survey.

There will be taster sessions on both Monday and Tuesday parents evening with yr 6 and yr  5 school councillors at hand. 

Recycling bins- have been purchased and are being placed around school (indoors) for children and staff to use.

Fruity Friday is going well, some children have enquired about fruit changing the council did say that it would change with seasonal fruits being available.

Thank you for your continued support in our charity events 

total raised for 

Lailia Millie - wear something blue  £193.21

Red Nose Day-disney theme £214.70



Celebrating the school being 50 we are looking at doing a tea towel with drawings of the children and staff on  these will be  available to pre-order after Easter - watch out for the Dojo in due course. 




fruity friday 



frube yogurts




Fruity Friday fruit will be 



Frube Yogurts


The children are in the process of choosing boxes for paper recycling.


Laila Milly fundraising day.

Date to be confirmed

Red Nose Day

Disney theme 



A survey monkey is being drawn up to find out information regarding school dinners.


Grove Lea is 50

The School Council have decided that they would like to do a celebration tea towel with childrens pictures on, we are looking to price up futher informatioin to follow.




Fuity Friday starting tomorrow  01.02.19


BananasFrube Yogurts 

on sale in the family learning at break time...



The school council are looking at placing a recycling  box in each class for any waste paper for our  project.

2018-2019 School Council

2018-2019 School Council 1


School council met today to discuss having a fruity Friday, this included choice of fruits from the class survey that they completed and also the price to charge.

other items discussed were,

Lalia Milly foundtion 

Age U.K.

Paper Recycling boxes in classrooms

Compost bins

More information to follow on the above in due course

Fruity Fridays will be starting this Friday 1st February 2019.

Fruit and Frube Yogurts will be on sale at playtime in the family learning at the price of 20p per item 

the children will have to stay in the family learning to eat their fruit.

This weeks choice will be apples,bananas and yogurts.