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After school clubs

At Grove Lea Primary School we offer a range of after school activities throughout the academic year. Our intent is that we encourage the children to participate because these activities enrich the school curriculum and enable children to develop and practise their talents. Accessing enrichment activities teaches the children the importance of commitment and resilience. These attributes are part of their personal learning journey and will prepare them well for their next stage of learning.


Clubs finish at 4.30pm (When light Year 5/6 may walk home on their own- Parents must sign a letter to grant permission).

If your child can not attend the after school club they must inform the teacher who leads the club.

Clubs on offer vary term by term.  When offering clubs we seek out children's views and gather information on their interests. 

We have offered the following clubs:

Karate       Zumba         Gymnastics         Football       Rugby         Netball        Fun Club       Music

Art and DT        Mindfulness             Yoga           Running         Bits and Bobs            Reading

                                                       Gazette                 Languages