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Attendance and Punctuality

Information leaflet to parents

Attendance Matters

Attendance is high on our Agenda this year, this also includes children arriving to school on time at 8.45am. Parents and Carers have a legal responsibility to ensure their child/children attends school. It is the law. As a school we do the following:

  • If a child absence has not been reported we will message/and or phone parent or carers for a reason.   
  • School will set their attendance target at 97%

  • Half termly  attendance reports will be posted on Class Dojo and the Newsletter  

  • Reports to parents will include their child’s individual attendance

  • Letter’s will be sent home when attendance falls below 94%

  • Letter’s will be sent home when attendance improves

  • Meetings with Education Welfare Officer will be arranged when attendance falls below 90%

  • We will celebrate and reward for good attendance

Things to think about

  • Please avoid holidays in September. This is when your child is settling into their new class.

  • If you have no genuine alternative to booking holidays in term time (School will continue to class these as Unauthorised absences) please can you try to 'tag' them onto school holidays. Fines are enforced when a child misses 10 sessions (equivalent to 5 days). However, please note a fine can be issued for 5 single days across the full year.

  • If you do go on holiday in term time you must write a letter, adressed to the headteacher, explaining why you are taking your child out in term time.

  • Appointments or other unavoidable circumstances please can they be booked after school hours.  If this can not be avoided please can you child attend school prior of after their appointment.


We really do appreciate your support on this and understand that holidays can be expensive in school holiday time.

All holidays and INSET days are posted on the school website calendar. Please note there are 3 INSET days at the end of Spring bank holiday where most schools only have 1 week off.


Thank you

Mrs Henshall and The Governing Body

Attendance for the year (2018-2019) was 95.67% .  If no holidays were taken attendance would have been 96.9%.  Pupil Premium attendance across school greatly improved.  Their attendance for the year was 96%.  If no holidays were taken it would have been 96.76%.  Children who have a EHCP attendance was 95%.  Absence for these pupil was mainly down to appoinments. 


Attendance for the year  (2017-2018) was 95.1%.  If no holidays were taken it would have been 96.9%.  Pupil premium numbers are still very low across school.  Their attendance for the year was 93.8% however if no holidays were taken it would have stood at 95.9%.  Children with EHCP attendance was 93.7%, this is mainly due to medical appointments. Three children received the 100% attendance awards for the whole year.