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The subject of computing is becoming ever present in children and adults lives as technology grows and grows. We all use computing every day to communicate, program and present our ideas in a variety of ways. With the intense shift towards using computing in society our curriculum intent is to prepare children for the technological world they live in. Our intent in computing ensures that the national curriculum is being taught progressively through carefully constructed progression grids which allow teachers to understand the subject, showing the curriculum coverage across the school and how this will be implemented to ensure quality first teaching. Staff are given a long term plan which covers all strands of computing: Digital literacy, Information technology and Computer science. This allows children to access a wide range of computing knowledge, skills and vocabulary which will deepen their understanding and engagement within the subject. Furthermore, children will also be exposed to understand how computing affects them within the wider world. This will include allowing them access to using a variety of devices, as well as word processing and emailing skills. The overall profile of computing is of great importance and this will be raised through enhancing the available resources and encouraging parental involvement in computing by the use of parent inspire mornings. This will allow parents to understand the knowledge, skills and vocabulary children are using within computing and how they progress within the subject. 



Teaching E safety through Google, 'Be Internet Legends'

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