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Enterprise intent:

We at Grove Lea Primary, intend to create learning opportunities and experiences that are real and that the children will remember. The enterprise aspect of the curriculum allows the children to have exactly that. The intent is to give the children life skills that they can adapt into the working world e.g. listening to each other, working s a team, creating a product, presenting skills and working with money. We intend to allow the children to work together to produce something  for a specific reason.  They  then can sell or give to a worthy cause. 

To implement this intent we have a range of opportunities. For example the "Pop up Shop" is a monthly activity for each class. Each class has a designated month which they produce something which they must sell. The money is put towards something the children want e.g. books, educational visit, equipment. 

Another example of  our enterprise implementation is seen at The Community Open Day. Here a team of children have to compete against each other, to create a stall that will represent their coloured team. The team have to cost, price and sell and all the children have to make.

Finally, the school council arrange events through the year to support local and national charity events.

The impact of the enterprise aspect allows the children to learn in the real world as well as put our cire values into actual practice.




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