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Our Intent


Our intent at Grove Lea Primary School is to follow the National Curriculum requirements for the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages. Modern Foreign Languages are taught in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) in accordance with the Programme of Study. The National Curriculum requirements are:


· An appropriate balance of spoken and written language

· Pupils learn to speak in sentences, with appropriate pronunciation

· Pupils learn to express simple ideas with clarity

· Pupils learn to write phrases and short sentences from memory

· Pupils develop an understanding of basic grammar

· Pupils become acquainted with songs and stories in the target language

· Teaching focuses on making substantial progress in one language across the Key Stage


To achieve these requirements, we follow the progression grids that map out what is expected of each year group throughout Key Stage 2 in the teaching of French. This enables us to monitor the progress of the children's learning of the language as they move throughout school, to ensure they make substantial progress across all areas of the language: speaking and listening skills, writing skills and reading skills. Each teacher teaching French will use the progression grids to inform their Long Term Plans and ensure there is a cohesion of learning between year groups. We believe that the learning of and immersion in other languages and cultures is extremely important, in order for our children to broaden their understanding of the world, other people and different cultures.



Our Implementation 


At Grove Lea, we want our children to:


Have the confidence to ‘have a go’ at speaking in French.

Hear French being spoken in class.

Be immersed in the language throughout areas of school.

Develop accurate pronunciation and understanding.

Learn French through songs, stories, poems and rhymes.

Learn the differences between the English Language and the French Language.


Through high quality language teaching and learning, children will be able to progress with their speaking, listening and writing skills. They will be able to express their ideas and opinions, both orally and in written form, experience another culture through focused theme days and enjoy their learning of the language through interesting and stimulating resources, such as games, songs and rhymes. Children in Key Stage 1 will also have the chance to experience another language through focused theme days and informally when appropriate within school. We have an annual MFL day in the Summer Term, where children experience various activities that originate from or promote French culture.

In our aim to create a stimulating and engaging environment within which to foster a love of the language, we will teach high quality lessons using a variety of resources with bright and engaging displays that promote the use of rich vocabulary and showcase children's work.

At Grove Lea, we also enrich our language learning through our Language After school club, where children have the opportunity to learn about and investigate other languages (not just French!) which further promotes a love of languages that would hopefully continue into the children's ongoing educational journey.

 In order to monitor children's progress, we will make termly assessments in order to help children achieve their full potential in French in accordance with the National Curriculum. 


Our Impact


At Grove Lea, we want to ensure that our children have the best outcomes in every aspect of learning and that every child fulfils their potential. By the end of Key Stage 2, more children will have a love of languages and an understanding of different people, cultures and traditions. We aim for the children to articulate this and contribute to their own learning through dedicated pupil voice. By raising this profile, we envisage more children will be assessed as reaching expected standard in French by the end of Key Stage 2, which will then give them a solid foundation in their language learning as they continue their journey to high school. 




Modern Foreign Languages Long Term Plan

Modern Foreign Languages Progression Grid