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Grow It and Cook It

Statement of Intent

Grove Lea Primary School has delivered Grow it and Cook it as part of Open Futures project since 2008. Our Intent is that children at Grove Lea Primary school have an enriched curriculum, where they are taught new skills and provide them with further opportunities to work colloboratively.

We aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • raise attainment in Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT by working in context on work appropriate to pupils of all abilities
  • ensure children have appropriate skills, attitudes and confidence to become active independent learners
  • involve and support parents in strategies to promote healthy eating
  • increase motivation and thereby improve attendance and behaviour
  • help children make a positive economic contribution to society
  • provide a rich and broad curriculum which includes a wide range of practical activities in and out of school
  • provide opportunities for children to explore the natural world

Open Futures is about joined up thinking and working, right across the curriculum. It is our intent that Open Futures not an 'extra', but a whole school curriculum initiative. It is an alternative way of meeting the learning needs of our children and at the same time providing an opportunity to discover and develop social and practical skills, personal interests and values which will contribute to their education and enhance their adult lives.