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Clarification on holiday fines

If you have received a reply slip that your holiday will not be fined this will still stand. The absence will however be marked as unauthorised. 

From the beginning of this term (Summer 1) any holidays that are requested will now be fined for 5 or more days in an academic year.  Please note that these dates do not have to be consecutive.  For example; if you were to request 2 days in the Summer 1 and then 3 more in Summer 2, or if a child has 5 Friday's absent it would still trigger a fine. 

All money from fines go straight to the Local Authority not the school. 

To help support parents we have always included INSET days around the Springbank holiday, as we appreciate how expensive it can be to take children away during school holidays.

If you require further information please contact the school office.