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Robin wood y5 residential 5th-7th April 2017




What a day! Children have tried canoeing, archery, trapeze, obstacle course and climbing wall.  I have started giving out the merits now.  I have shed a few tears watching the children pluck up the courage and face their fears.  What absolute superstars.  We are currently playing Team games, about to have hot choc then it will be straight to bed.  I don't think many will be awake for long. Not long now until you have your little darlings back.  Enjoy tonight parents.



All children have completed canoeing and not one person has ended up in the lake which is a miracle as I sadly have history! We have however had lots of fun playing games and splashing.  Just about to go into lunch now.  We are all having a fab time.  I can see me handing out lots of merits!



We have eaten a good full breakfast and completed our first activity.  The children have all slept well, even though some say they haven't!  Both the centre staff and our staff checked on them...we have a few loud snorers by the looks of it...and that is not just the children!  The centre have passed on that  the children were well behaved and went to sleep when asked and another teacher from another school complimented us our children's behaviour.  We are very proud.




Nearly time for team games.  The trapeze certainly tested some of the children's limits.  Lots of wobbly legs.  As for the teachers...well...we nearly saw our dinner!  😂



it is like feeding time at the zoo here! Children certainly have an appetite.  Your shopping bills must be massive!  I have enjoyed watching all three groups have a go at zip wiring and caving.  One more activity left before team games.  THE TEACHERS WILL WIN!




we have all arrived safely.  I believe there was a lot of excitement and singing on the bus journey.  The children have visited their rooms and have all eaten their lunch.  Activities will be starting at 1.30pm.  We will keep you posted on here and also using the school twitter account.

Mrs H